Important info about orders and shipping of "age 18 and above" items

(only applied on customers with residence and/or shipping address within Germany)
Foreign customers please make sure that your residential/billing address as well as shipping address are outside of Germany. Your account will then be activated for our complete item portfolio within 48 hours (please register prior to any pre-order on 18+ items, so your account will be ready once pre-oder is opened). Orders will be checked for these details. If your residential/billing address is outside Germany, but you are using a German shipping address, then the procedures below will be mandatory for you.
Age verification (18 and above): Our service for you, fast, uncomplicated and FREE OF CHARGE:
Media items that are not suitable for children and adolescents may not be made accessible under German law. Moreover, certain items may not be publicly offered and advertised. It is therefore our responsibility to perform a legally recognized determination of your legal age before we can give you access to our full range of items. 
The following overview shows you all accepted and legally correct procedures for the verification of your age. Please note the distinction between residential address within and outside Germany. If you are unable to use any of the procedures, we may not be able to ship any items to you you or even provide you access to our entire range of items.
The following verification options are available:

Verification on Webcam via Skype or Facebookmessenger

A video call via the SKYPE free internet call software or the FACEBOOK MESSENGER is accepted to verify that your age is 18 and above. All you have to do is to have a valid and official ID document ready. A short video call will serve to unlock your account to access all our 18+ items. Please send an email to and we will reply as soon as possible for the needed steps to verify your age via SKYPE or FACEBOOK MESSENGER.

Business License

According to German law, the distribution and delivery of 18+ media items to dealers and persons who run a business is subject to no restrictions. All you have to do is prove that you run a licensed business and we will be able to activate your account for access to all our items. The extra charge on delivery "extra charge" is not necessary in this case.

Alternative Options

All above mentioned options do not apply on you? Please contact us for alternative ways of verification. Please have your ID or Passport scanned (scans should be clearly readable) and email it to

Shipping conditions for Age 18+ Media

We are required by law to ensure that adult content does not end in hands of minors. Because this reason, the delivery with the additional service "by signature with ID" is required. For this shipping-method 4,00 Euro will be charged. This fee will be covered by as part of our service.

Exception I: Statutory Declaration

You will have declare in lieu of an oath that there are no minors in your household, or that you can guarantee that minors cannot gain access to any mail addressed to you (e.g. by delivery to your company address or your dedicated DHL Packstation). Will will be able then to dispatch your order without the additional service "by signature with ID". The necessary document form (German language version only) can be downloaded >>here<< . Please complete with form with your personal information and send it by email to

Exception II: Business License

If you own a valid business license, then the additional service „by signature with ID“ won't be necessary.

Submission of documents:

All documents necessary for the legally correct granting of access for 18+ media items in our shop can be send via:

Via email:
Please send a clearly readable scan of your documents by email to  .

Via letter mail:
Please send paper copies of your documents to:

Wicked Vision Distribution GmbH
Auf dem Haidchen 36
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